Monday, August 11, 2008

Leave It to Dallas to Make Communism Look Good

Mainly because of things like this.While Christians in China are fighting simply for the right to worship freely after so many years of not being able to do so underneath a communist regime, us big-rig driving Texans are showing our intellectual & religious prowess by painting big words on the side of a truck reminding all who pass by that "Jesus Christ is Lord... not a swear word."

Really? That's your message? That's the one thing above all else you wanted everyone who sees this truck to remember? Not that He walked the earth as the Son of God performing miracles and healing the sick, or that He died on the cross to save us all. Nope, your message is that 'Jeeysuys Chriyyst is Lawrd... nawt a swaayer wurd' yews crayyzy heeethuns.

And as I watched you pass by, my mouth hanging wide open at the hilarity of what was in front of me, you proceeded to blatantly run a red light, and then another, and finally a third... almost hitting a pedestrian who too was blinded by your truck. Thank God for China's sake that they are as far removed from this country as possible, because I have a feeling if they observed our version of religion a little more closely, communism wouldn't look so bad.

For Christ's sake.

UPDATE 9.03.08: Apparently, there is a fleet of these trucks rollin' all over the country this summer... because this blogger saw the same thing I did, except it was in a different font on a different truck... as was this one. And this Dirty Catholic also had the pleasure of viewing one of these rolling pieces of eye-candy as it was being pulled over by an officer. Keep up the good work.

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