Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Dirty Pirate Hookers Heart Jackie O

Well, thanks to a tidbit I posted last year post-Halloween, my site has been getting an increasing amount of peculiar traffic that is a direct result of Google searches. What have they been looking for, you ask? "Dirty pirate hooker halloween costumes." Over 100 people have been searching for that, to be exact.

It poses the question, what on earth would prompt you to search for not only a pirate hooker, as if that isn't a shameful enough costume on its own, but a dirty pirate hooker at that?
What, the peg leg, eye patch, and corset making those small Bs look like full Ds isn't enough? You have to add the dirty, guaranteeing the inclusion of super-glued nipple patches & crotchless pirate booty-branded undies.

You people truly crack my ass up... as I'm sure you will experience yourself in the literal sense this hallowed of Halloweens. Enjoy.


Bethany Anderson said...

That's funny! It's weird to look and see what leads people to your blog - weird and disturbing. Top search leading people to my blog? Ric Renner's hair, followed by Angie from Reliant Energy.

Dirty Pirate Hooker said...

LOL, they're probably looking for me!