Wednesday, July 29, 2009

DISD Is Doing A Great Job...


Christina said...

What does this possibly have to do with DISD? This is just a few kids doing what kids do--stupid stuff. Is DISD responsible for that, if in fact they actually are DISD kids? You'd be a fool to think so--and probably are.

Get a life.

Anonymous said...

Agreed, Christina.

What a horrible post ... borderline racist if you ask me. Just b/c one might not appreciate hip-hop & the type of entertainment that goes with it.

frutiger said...

Well, anon, nobody asked you if the post is racist.

IMO, one can easily have the notion of truancy come to mind...and since truancy issues are invariably associated with DISD, I think any marginally comical evidence establishing such association is well worth a post.

Word. ...word. word. word.

Jackie O said...

No, seriously. DISD really IS doing a great job. I feel so misunderstood. (Frownie face, frownie face)

I mean, I haven't had a man stare in my eyes like that and call me (and his shoes) a hoe with such ferocity and/or conviction in quite awhile.

And thank you, Anon. I'm so glad we have finally stopped trying to separate the two worlds of the art that is hip-hop entertainment from the degradation of women. No one likes a wet blanket... and self-respect as a "concept" can be so needy.

All my love,
Jackie O