Friday, July 24, 2009

Why Won't You People Go Away

Your repeat visits to my public-facing, used to be updated 3+ times per week blog that imply your continued expectation for "new content" since you last sashayed through my virtual door are stressing me out.

We have gone over this.

#1 - I'm lazy.
#2 - I write when I feel like it.
#3 - I like my vodka tonic with lemon... LEMON people, not lime. How hard is it?

Overall, I'd like to ensure I'm underpromising and underdelivering in every aspect of your virtual content expectation. If I'm exceeding, then I'm failing. So, please. For the love of Bajoses. Go away. I'd like to start writing again.

All my love,
Jackie O

1 comment:

frutiger said...

bahahaha. i cannot believe i just came across the word "sashayed" in a blog post.