Friday, February 15, 2008

In the Words of Tim Gunn, Cuban...

Make it work.

And below is yet another example of how people in this city have way too much time on their hands... thank God for low cost of living indices.

And nothing says I love the Mavs & Jason Kidd like a song in the background proclaiming "Shut up, bitch, swallow."

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Anonymous said...

Okay you know the funny this is I made this and posted it on mark cubans blog like 3 weeks ago feb 2. and now the mavs get jason kidd.

when I made this video I originaly plan on using the "The Way I Are" soundtrack but this one just fit in with the video. thanks for linking my music video I am a mavs fan. and I just love what kidd brings to the table. Devin harris needs someone to hold his hand all the time.