Tuesday, February 10, 2009

100th Post: Jackie is Just Speeding Away... Thought She was James Dean for a Day

Thanks Lou Reed... and Brandon Flowers. I knew you always had a special place in your heart for me, and I for you. BTW, how did you know I drive like a 6 year-old who just snorted three giant blue Pixy Sticks?

Anyway, I find it only fitting that this is my 100th post on SoDallas as I pay homage to my precious Killers whose influence has shaped many a post in the past, including my very first. And frankly, this 'accomplishment' is great & depressing all at the same time - did it seriously take me almost a year and a half to write 100 posts? Fucking lame is what that is, but so it goes.

So, back to The Killers.

The concert, as it always is, was awesome. I'm not sure if that was in part thanks to the margaritas combined with three double vodka tonics or not, but the lights sure shined brighter, the music sounded sweeter and the drunk trainwreck that was me leaving my BlackBerry in a cab didn't cause a worry in the world until the next morning.

Unfortunately, I was momentarily depressed as many of the douchebags, who are so eager to spend 3X face value for a pit ticket, couldn't recognize the song Smile Like You Mean It even if their asshole had whistled the tune every time they took a shit in the last year & the lyrics were printed on the toilet paper. Mr. Flowers started in to that song, my most beloved of beloved, and everyone in the pit starred at him silently and blankly. Yet when their shitty musical response to Sam's Town criticism from people who shouldn't be allowed to pass 7th grade band class, much less be called music journalists, starts playing (also known as their most mainstream bull-shit song since Somebody Told Me), everyone goes wild. Kill me now, Mr. Flowers. Or just play for a few minutes longer & let my poor drinking judgment do the dirty work for you. Either way.

Thank God I was too wasted to notice, or care for that matter, whether Shadowplay was well-received. Nail in my coffin that most certainly could have been.

All-in-all, it was a magical Wednesday evening & I will always be a dedicated fan... especially if you keep writing lyrics including a 'Jackie' who is a hooker. If you had added 'dirty pirate', I might just think you fancied me. Flattery, my friend, will get you everywhere... and for your sake, I hope you receive the same from your critics so you can start making good music once again.

The soundtrack of my life is patiently waiting.

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