Sunday, November 11, 2007

Smile Like You Mean It.

Welcome to So Dallas. The blog that has been needed for so long in a city that has been fabulously faking it for even longer. And I say fabulous with every good intention. Let it be known - I love this city with all my heart. From every shameful evening that starts with a $9 mambo taxi to the steps of First Presbyterian Church where the homeless sleep at night. From the back room bar at Dunston's to the stripper poles at Suite. From the Trinity Vote that no one cared about to an off-night appearance by the Dunking Deutchman at the Loon, for which tens of thousands would show up. I love this city. Born and raised. Raised and educated. Educated and employed. And employed to retired I will probably experience.

But the one thing throughout this process that keeps me up at night is the innocent ignorance with which we all casually purchase our half million dollar condos, sip on our drinks whose price could educate a child in Zimbabwe for a year, and clamor to get into clubs where the Young Hollywood of Dallas go to find someone to screw, a new drug of choice or simply a place a classy hooker can call home. This is what keeps me up at night. Not because I detest it so much, or because I send my money off to Zimbabwe instead of continuing to sip on that fabulous pineapple-infused martini at Nobu. Not at all. It's because I am a part of it. I'm there. Every night. Entrenched. Drowning. And loving it.

Who knows where I will be in a few years. Hopefully somewhere else. Somewhere in a more progressive direction. But for now - here I am - living in this fabulously flawed city. Living in an era this city hasn't seen before - yet an era no one is writing about. So now, I feel the need. And now, here I am. To document the unspoken life that you and I are both living. The life in which we are drowning. The life which we would never choose to leave. In our twenties, making what our parents made in their forties and spending it as responsibly as our three year-old nieces would today. Smile like you mean it, kids. It won't last forever.

Once again, welcome to So Dallas. And just like that never ending circle of small talk, name-dropping and reapplication of lip gloss that is indicative of every night out in our city, so is the likelihood that you will most assuredly visit this blog again.

We are all way too vain not to.


Lee Harvey said...

Since I cannot say I have entered the fake, flawed, and "I was sipping drinks last night with that hot girl from Kidd Kraddick" confines I'll dub as "lounge," to protect the sanctity of the uber dallas breeding ground; I will stake my claim on THIS new hallowed hot spot of Dallas. I am the first to enter and comment on So Dallas. No need for velvet ropes here, but I do know the owner, bouncer, and VIP whore. I MIGHT be able to get you on the list.

Anonymous said...


That was my life . . . until I gave it up and moved to New York.

Anonymous said...

Dearest Jackie O. I have been a true fan of your snarkie and smart writing ability for several years now. Your fellow book club members are your biggest fans.


Jackie O said...

Don't book clubs require... well, reading? Yikes.

Anonymous said...

couldn't have said it better myself. see you tonight at the loon...