Thursday, January 24, 2008

If You Are What You Say You Are...

Lupe Fiasco just happens to be.
Incredible concert - made me wish I knew more of his songs from past years. A few odd things though... I have never been to a concert with more people over 6'3"... Everywhere I looked there was another ridiculously tall guy, which for a person of average height is a horrible thing to have at a standing room only concert.

No worries... we found our way over to a wall to lean against during the 2 hour set, where we found a shorter, yet certainly more entertaining crowd. As the smell of weed and cigars wafted through the air, I began to notice what a diverse fan-base this artist seems to attract. From a 35 year old white man in a business suit singing every word to every song, to the ghetto-fabulous Asian mafia... from the trendily-dressed group of twenty-something black men, to the young couple who looked like they belonged more at an indie show at the Palladium... the crowd was a different one... and one I haven't ever seen at the same concert.

That, along with lyrics that penetrate and songs as addictive as the coke he raps about, is the reason Lupe is what he says he is... and as long as he keeps that up, I'll gladly Kick, Push & Coast my way to every one of his shows.

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