Monday, November 17, 2008

I Just Realized How Addicted I Am to FrontBurner...

I went there this weekend, only to find the annoying two words you all have probably also seen over the past few days of "Hello world!!" Then today, as it has now become a part of my workflow basically every hour, I have checked it at least seven times... hoping each time that they have finally fixed whatever is wrong with it.

I get to work, log in, check FB. Go to annoying meeting number 1 where long-winded boss will yammer on about nothing to pretend his job is one worth existing to begin with, then finally give us "the gift of time" by ending said pointless meeting early, never realizing that the gift of time line was old after the first time he used it, and now has simply become a running joke along with him & his existence in general.

Then, scurry back to desk, check FB, run off to another meeting.

Check FB on BB mid-meeting.

Run down to lunch, grab food, run back to desk to check FB & read while cramming sandwich down the hatch.

Run to next meeting, hop on conference call at desk, check FB while on conference call... and now here I am.

And no... it's still not working... and now I don't know what to do with myself. I even Googled FrontBurner in many different phrases to see if someone else had posted about what is wrong with my baby, but alas, nothing.

I miss you, FrontBurner. Truly. Hurry back, or I might actually get some work done.