Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Giving Thanks for a Comfort, a Constant in Times of Worldwide Turmoil: Dumb Bitches

The economy is collapsing... an election of historic proportion has just concluded... yet, Ash & Marge are still finding their center, their chi if you will, in the mundane, in the everyday others-centered events in life that have not changed for them... those that give them deep, really deep, extremely deep (assuming the hotdog down their hallway hits a side) peace.
Way to go, ladies. You are setting an example for all of us to look at the bright side of things in the crazy world we live in today... to cheer "Yay for boobies! #3" as you so eloquently have labeled this pic... to know that there is more to this life as the "#3" gives us just that much more hope knowing there are also a #1 and #2 out there somewhere... to remember that habitual behavior-dependent careers like stripping don't ride the same waves as the economy. You are truly an inspiration... and a staunch reminder that the upper arm squeeze on already over-sized tits is actually more blinding than helpful.

So yes, ladies. We DO appreciate you & the entertainment you are - as you must have already assumed based on posting your fake goods all over Facebook for the world to see. And you are soooo right, Marge. We can't HANDLE it.

Thank God some things never change.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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