Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Twelve-oh-Two, what, what?

Jackie O just voted, and it took me approximately two minutes to park and walk in, 15 seconds to sign in, 30 seconds to vote, and two minutes to walk back to my car.

So, thank you, I say, to all of you lazy-ass SMU kids who likely weren't forward-thinking enough to early vote, and (based on extremely slow precinct turnout today) whose right to vote ranks right up there in priority of importance with where Maria the maid gets her uniform or what kind of stamp your parents use when mailing your monthly Rover payment.

Whatever the case, thanks. Your indifference has given me the gift of time this afternoon, and also afforded me the luxury to tediously draw perfectly-shaped hearts over the I's on my write-in vote for none other than myself.

Jackie O-Eight.

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