Thursday, March 6, 2008

Duped, Compliments of Dallas.

Jackie O is reporting to you live from San Francisco (Always wanted to say that). This will be short since I am still a D-team level blackberry typist. But bottom line, we Dallasites have been duped. I went to a fabulous restaurant last night called The Slanted Door where I could see the bay bridge from where I enjoyed my lemon drop martini... And then another.

I had heard how expensive things are here, but I had already braced myself for the high prices... So much so that I thought my bill was wrong when I got it. Ten bucks for a drink? In Dallas that is typical, and sadly I have paid much worse at any one of N9ne Group's overpriced eateries. But this was a very nice, very trendy spot right on the bay. I expected a 100 percent markup on the view alone. Unfortunately all that price did was make me angry at how stupid we have all been for quite awhile when it comes to paying way too much for way too little... And how I certainly will think every time I order a drink in Dallas how I am paying for a view of what exactly... Shiny new concrete? A higher percentage of fake boobs than all but one other city in the US? Ugly blue lights on the new Hunt building?

I'm baffled. Baffled and duped all at the same time. But at least the next time I have those same thoughts I'll hopefully be well on my way to drunk.

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