Monday, May 5, 2008

I Don't Really Like Hockey

So why am I still awake at this late hour with an early morning call looming, watching the suspiciously well-tanned FSN Southwest sportscasters pontificate the upcoming 3rd OT of the Stars & San Jose?

As we all know way too well, the Stars, every year, always seem to make the world right for my city... they are the reason many sports fans, like myself, refrain from pulling the suicide trigger after a mind-numbing Mavs playoff series, and pretty much the reason the world doesn't seem to have come off its axis completely each May.

And there's also something oddly comforting about watching replays with Pantera in the background of dudes slamming each other into a wall.

Wait... this just in... suspiciously tan sportscaster just made worst pun-filled joke ever about a hole on the Trinity River bridge causing 30 to be closed both ways... but the Stars and Sharks can't find any holes here tonight. Wow. On that note... I'll set my sleep timer on the TV and hope for the best.

Later skaters.

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lee harvey said...

It is both confusing and encouraging to know that a city that often takes itself way too seriously can still manage to generate someone this entertaining. Everyone else I know that's funny is from the north.