Saturday, May 17, 2008

Update on Austin's Coolness: First Pics of Kate Hudson & Lance Armstrong @ Hula Hut

Kate Hudson and Lance Armstrong just walked in to Hula Hut (around 6:15pm) with his kids in tow... A few pics to follow.

UPDATE: Pics below. Blurry, yes. But I didn't major in photography, assclowns, and I hope Perez Hilton & every other celeb blog out there won't care while they rip off my pics. Oh, I feel so used. (Use me, please. Use me.)

That bitch can move. Fast. She has perfected the art of flying by a camera at 100mph so the final shot looks like, well, this. And as the ladies behind me snapped a shot as well when the crew walked in, she mouthed a sweet little "WTF" to her new beau, Lance. I mean, really, Kate? Let's see. You choose maybe the most popular spot to dine in Austin on the Saturday of the UT's graduation ceremony and are shocked when someone snaps your picture upon arrival? Yes, we read celebrity gossip in Texas, too. And no, we haven't forgotten how loudly you cheered AGAINST the Mavericks in last year's short-lived playoff run. So you are lucky I didn't bum-rush your ass on the spot.

Kate seemed to be kissing ass like it was her job with Lance's kids, as she patted them on the head while helping them to some of Hula Hut's famous salsa & chips. Cheers to the soon-to-be former happy couple.

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