Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Jackie O is So Friggin' Lame

that she has actually spent the past week "working" at her so-called "job." I mean, seriously, who knew you actually had to be productive at some point. I can vouch for 98% of those who work around me that they didn't get that memo.

Let's take for instance the 28-year-old manager who sits next to me. He rolls in to his perfectly hidden cube most days around 10:15am without making so much as a peep, pretends he is going to work verrry very late, makes overt comments about how huge his pile of work is that he has to get done that evening, but rolls out about five minutes after the last person who can ever have a hand in deciding his fate leaves. Genius.

Maybe this is all just telling me I'm a huge idiot. That basically 98% of the people at my company are much, much smarter than I, because my dumbass is actually working. In theory, though, that would make the board much, much dumber than I, becuase that means they are paying 98% more in operating costs than what it takes to actually run the company.

Whatever. All I know is that work is a royal beating. And Eve's conniving bitchass can suck it.

I'll be back soon. De-lame-ified.

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