Friday, May 9, 2008

Thanks for the Heads Up. I'll Duck Next Time.

Click here for video.

Thank you, Channel 8, for a riveting story about a plane that "could" have had a safety issue based on your expert who actually used the phrase "Good heavens." To that, I respond "Bless his little heart." Regardless, though, what I wonder immediately when I read your headline & watch this video is what the hell happened to this huge-ass metal panel that fell out of the sky from about 20,000 feet? No concerns there? Uh-uh? None? Nope? Mmkay.

Whatever the case, it's late and I don't really care all that much. But thank you for confirming for me I'm not crazy for being nervous living directly underneath Love Field's flight path. It's those warm fuzzies that keep me all snuggle-bunnied in bed at night, as I secretly hope I'm not killed the next day in some freak accident thanks to your airline, or any other carrier, being too damn cheap to put that plane back on the ground.

Just for craps & giggles, I hope one day God decides to change up the jet stream on your asses, then back the next day, then back again, then throws a stink bomb where your reservation systems are housed, then creates an even greater air traffic system that flies higher and loses metal panels that land on your planes instead of me.

So much fun, so little time. Oh, and wave to the camera, kids. Thanks to that last paragraph, we just hit a few keywords to entice an FBI'er or two to pass by the site. Ha row!

& Nite nite.

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